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B&R has provided control systems for the injection molding machine industry for decades. However, it has never stopped innovation. Today, the new SmartMOLD provides injection molding machine manufacturers with an open interface to the intelligent system, making the injection molding machine a unit. The era of intelligence.

B&R, injection molding machine, intelligent system interconnection

SmartMold - for the injection molding machine intelligence

B&R offers expanded injection molding machine controllers for injection molding machines and expands the new pure touch 15, 21-inch vertical mounted pure touch screen, which further increases the machine's face value, including support for multi-touch. This satisfies the machine experience of the younger generation in the operating habits of smartphones.

B&R, injection molding machine, intelligent system interconnection These panels developed for injection molding machines also include the following capabilities you are interested in.

(1) Factory managers are simple
This means that today's mobile terminals that support HTML5, including iOS and Android terminals, can access the controller of the injection molding machine through the mobile network, and can configure the data monitoring group of the equipment on the injection molding machine to let the remote plastic factory supervisors To access the machine production status, quality, OEE, energy consumption and other parameters of your own factory.

(2) It is convenient for the operator/maintenance
For the operator, it is better to let them operate the machine in a simple and intuitive way. Even for the maintenance of the machine, the corresponding PDF operation and maintenance guide can be called for online help, or it can be recorded and installed. The video of the device allows the field personnel to perform equipment maintenance actions.

(3) Don't worry if you sell to the global market
Support for Unicode allows Chinese injection molding machine manufacturers to sell their machines around the world without worrying about language support issues.

I/O Box for multiple application scenarios
I/O Box configuration
2x analog input, 12 bit
4x analog collar input 14 bit
4x analog output, 12 bits, +/-10V
8x J, K, N, S temperature, 16 bit
35x digital input, 24V, source/drain
12x digital output, 24V/0.5A
33x digital output 24V/2A
2x PWM

Optional: 8x digital input, 24V, source/drain 8x digital output, 24V/0.5A 3x analog output 12 bits, +/-10V B&R, injection molding machine, intelligent system interconnection The standard IO Box is suitable for logic and temperature regulation of various hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and all-electric injection molding machines.

Injection molding machine control system architecture B&R, injection molding machine, intelligent system interconnection Injection molding machine intelligent manufacturing unit fully integrated The injection molding machine is not only a stand-alone device, but also in today's smart age, the injection molding machine is also the center of an intelligent manufacturing unit, so it must have the capabilities required for intelligent manufacturing.

There is always a combination for you.
With B&R's mapp integration software, B&R can easily develop a variety of individual programs for the injection molding machine.
B&R, injection molding machine, intelligent system interconnection

SMARTTMOLD designed for the smart age
SmartMold is not only an injection molding machine controller, but also a central node of the intelligent manufacturing unit of the injection molding machine. Its capabilities include the following:

(1). Basic machine management
It includes basic library development such as alarm, trend, user management, file management, etc. These include the data reading required by the upper management system. OPC UA can access the local machine parameters of SmartMold and can be read and stored by USB. Used for analysis.

(2).OEE statistics
Supporting EUROMAP 77 allows SmartMold to be accessed by the upper OPC UA Client such as MES, reading parameters such as production product quality, work cycle, and downtime for calculating OEE (Integrated Equipment Efficiency) – which is critical for plastics plants. B&R, injection molding machine, intelligent system interconnection

(3). Energy monitoring
By adding the energy monitoring module of the machine and using the servo pump technology, SmartMold can provide parameter data support for energy saving in injection molding production, and provide management of heating, hydraulic, motor and other energy consumption parameters and power quality for the cluster injection molding machine factory.

(4).Euromap connection
It not only supports EUROMAP 77, but also the future EUROMAP 79. It also supports the connection between Euromap 67 and robots, and POWERLINK as the standard communication protocol for injection molding machines for EUROMAP 75-2.

(5).Web-Based automation integration
SmartMold's embedded Web server supports HTML5, which allows iOS, Android, and Windows-based terminals to access injection molding machines and monitor machine and plant data in a low-cost manner.

SmartMold was developed for injection molding machine control, but it is a controller. It is the central node of a manufacturing platform, allowing injection molding machines to be integrated into production, interconnected with robots, integrated with MES data, and connected to IIoT. , become the basis for data analysis optimization.

B&R is a global leader in automation technology, headquartered in Eggelsberg, Austria, and was founded in 1979 by Mr. Erwin Bernecker and Josef Rainer. After more than 30 years of development, today, B&R has 175 branches in 68 countries around the world.

B&R Industrial Automation (China) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of B&R. It was established in Shanghai in 1996. In the past ten years, B&R has been providing deep integration for China's machinery manufacturing and process industries. Industry experience and automation solutions for key technologies.

In the machinery manufacturing industry, B&R has provided industry application integration, technical support and training services to local OEMs, which has won extensive trust and continuous high-speed growth in the industry, in plastics, textiles, printing, packaging, electronic semiconductors, wind power generation. And solar energy and other fields provide a total solution that includes industry software integration, and has made outstanding contributions to many strategic partners in shortening “Time to Market”, reducing costs, improving overall performance and competitiveness. At the same time, B&R has won wide recognition in the industry for its R&D concept, system architecture and service concept.

In the field of process control, B&R has the advantages of flexible architecture design, open system platform, good communication connectivity, convenient configuration, easy maintenance and high system reliability in transportation, energy and power, and petroleum. Natural gas, water treatment and many other fields have won trust, providing an efficient system software and hardware platform for management and integration, energy optimization and integrated management.

“Deep farming, strengthen software standardization and integration”, this is the source of B&R's development in China, and also an important factor to win trust, providing customers with perfect automation solutions and becoming a win-win partner is the B&R team. The concept of faith is also an accurate explanation of the concept of "Perfection In Automation". -- Yanglin Plastic Products Co., Ltd.