Summary meeting of Yanglin company in the first half of 2017


Managers of various departments:

How do you do! Half of you have been with me through thick and thin for more than 10 years, and some of you have even been with me for 20 years. Some of you have joined our team this year. It must be difficult for an enterprise at the beginning, but you have always persevered and worked hard to carve out a path that belongs to us all. In addition to the gradual stability of our orders, we have watered rich fruits with our wisdom and sweat, including enterprise certification (lSO, lCTl, GSV, BFA). . , etc.). The foundation has been laid, we should review their own department of local shortcomings of thorough improvement, continuous learning and implementation. I would like to thank you very much for your hard work to Yang Lin.

The sweet fruit makes us happy, gives us inspiration and motivation to move forward, we should all be proud! However, we should also see that compared with advanced peer enterprises, our comprehensive strength is still very small. Only by taking out our sword spirit and finding the winning way can we win in the fierce competition. In addition, we need a spirit of ownership, a passionate attitude to work. Product quality and delivery on time is the lifeline of the enterprise, only first-class products, to create first-class enterprises, to become customer satisfaction of the enterprise, we all have to, continuous efforts.

You are the backbone of the company. Remember:

1: No work without effort is nothing

2: ability without performance equals zero

3: Plan without action equals zero

4: There is no chance to fight for equal to zero

5: layout without supervision is equal to zero

Work should be arranged, implemented and supervised. They cannot replace supervision. Only through supervision and summary can problems be found, problems solved, experiences summed up and lessons learned from supervision and summary. You're likely to do a better job in the end.

Dear managers, I believe that as long as all of us in Yanglin unite, integrate, advance together and make joint efforts, we will certainly create a better Yanglin. Thank you!