Xinhua send health · enterprise long peace of mind activity


In response to the national action spirit on building a healthy China (2019-2030), Xinhua Insurance Guangdong branch and Guangzhou kangliming Biotechnology Co., Ltd. took the opportunity of the 25th anniversary of Xinhua insurance to help improve the enterprise health management based on the enterprise's concern for the physical and mental health of employees and Xinhua's delivery of health. Activity to be planned (Xinhua sends health · enterprise Chang'an heart) - entering Dongguan Yanglin plastic products Co., Ltd

The activity was strongly supported by Mr. Wu taoguang, chairman of Yanglin plastic, and Ms. Zhu Gaohong. With the cooperation of the enterprise staff, the chairman and general manager of the company participated in the whole process and achieved a complete success.


In the leadership speech, Chairman Wu taoguang repeatedly said in his speech: health is the foundation of work and life, health is related to the future, and everything goes to zero without health. To inform every employee of the enterprise to pay attention to their own health and have a better life.

Expert introduction: Ms. Yao Yanfang of the health management center of Dongguan People's hospital is the chief examiner of the health management center and the person in charge of the direct second enteroscopy room; Certified endoscopist of national key endoscopy center of Nanfang Hospital; Actively promote the rapid, simple and efficient standard screening process for colorectal cancer.

The enterprise is people-oriented and pays attention to the health of employees

October 30, 2021

Yanglin plastic conference room