Yanglin Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

The company was established in May 1995, the production of professional plastic toys. The head office is located in Hong Kong, and the current production plant was relocated to the East Industrial Park of Changping Town, Dongguan City in September 2016. The long-term cooperation OEM production customers include Japan's BANDAI, RE-MENT, BANPRESTO, TOMY, KONAMI, BUREAU; RESAURUS QUICK, MEZCOTOYZ, KIDROBOT and BBC TELEVISION in the UK and so on.

The company has internal operations department, engineering department, tooling department, production department, quality department, sales department, administrative/personnel department, maintenance department, general affairs department, purchasing department and other departments to ensure development, production, quality and manpower. The communication, deployment and operation of materials, equipment and other links are carried out smoothly.

The production staff has been maintained for about 500-800 people for a long time. The existing production equipment in the factory: 10 plastic beer machines, 17 printing machines (single-color machine, two-color machine and four-color machine), and 144 injection stations ( Three of them are large guns. There is a dust-free workshop, and the assembly flow is 6/120 stations.

Yanglin has passed the ICTI, GSV, ISO9001:2015, BANDAI BFA certification in Japan, and the Disney FAMA in Europe and America and Japan.

The company adheres to the "customer first, continuous improvement" purpose and dedication to the general customer service, the company's quality policy: improve product quality and meet customer expectations.


Address:Building 6, No. 1 Industrial Zone, Changping Park, shujiu Village East Industrial Park, Changping Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province


Fax: 0769-83552688

Hong Kong office address:Rooms 19-21, 5 / F, King Tak Industrial Building, 16-26 Kwai Tak Street, Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong

Contact person: Miss Zhu

Mobile phone:13302607662

E-mail : susan-zhu@126.com

SKYPE: ksb-susan

A.Injection molding department (workers / 75 persons)

*Injection molding machine / 10 sets * powder mixing machine / 2 sets * material mixer / 2 sets * material drying / 10 sets * cooling device / 10 sets

B.Fuel injection department (workers / 150 persons)

*Fuel injection position / 144 position * pad printer / 17 sets * oil mixer / 2 sets

C.Assembly department (workers / 180 persons)

D.Tooling department (Development Engineer and production engineer / 6 persons)

E.Quality inspection department (30 persons)


Total human resources of managers / workers in each department: 528

Senior management : 30

Junior and middle management:25

Quality inspection department : 30

Injection molding department : 75

Fuel injection department : 150

Assembly department : 180

Tooling department : 10

Warehouse Department : 8

General affairs / Personnel Department : 10

Security Department : 8

Maintenance department : 2

G.Enterprise honor